Trailblazer Network

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Follow our players on their adventures as they encounter Emperors, Dragons, Liches, Conspiracies, and much more! This is not your average dungeon crawler!


Trailblazers is an actual-play RPG podcast. but it's so much more than just the recording of a bunch of guys playing a tabletop RPG. It's edited and produced to reflect something more akin to a TV show or an audio-drama (uses the Pathfinder RPG).

Season Two has arrived, and with it a brand new cast! In Season One we encountered Emperors, Dragons, Liches, and much more! Season Two changes from a world of exclusive fantasy, to a world that combines fantasy and sci-fi elements to deliver an adventure featuring conspiracies, a city forever shrouded in darkness, and a world of bio-engineered citizens!

Meet the Cast!

Caleb GMs the group, leading the new hopefuls on their grand adventure.

A 27 year old married man, Caleb is the founder of the Trailblazer Network.

Caleb's experience comes in the form of being the GM for a long-running home-brew campaign which has accrued over 380 hours of gameplay, as well as over 100 hours of gameplay as the GM for Trailblazers Season 1.

Christian plays Lanris, the Catfolk Ranger. With his life in tatters he picks up a job working security for a shipping company, but looks like this job is about to take an unexpected turn leading to what could be a life worth living.

Tim plays Victor, Catfolk Cybernetic Fighter. Guns? Check. Augmented weapon-wielding? Check. Good luck in life? Not so much. Victor's wife is his all, and now he finds himself in a situation where he could put her in danger, and he won't take that lying down!


Starting January 1st 2019 we will release a remastered episode weekly, starting with the first 13 episodes of Season 2, then all of Season 1.
*This wiki contains spoilers for all seasons of Trailblazers! View it at your own risk.