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Trailblazers is an audio drama, actual-play podcast. It's first recorded as normal roleplaying game play sessions, then put through post-production to create a unique blend of actual-play and audio drama.


Season Three

Season Three brings players and characters from each season of Trailblazers including the home game that started the world, and tasks them with saving this world which they've fought so hard for in the past, often on different sides. Familiar faces and brand new characters, returning heroes and reoccurring villains all come together in this thrilling conclusion of this story arc spanning three seasons!

Meet the Cast!

Caleb GMs the group, leading the new hopefuls on their grand adventure.


Dom plays Thorin Dragonson, the former Human Magus turned Spiritualist. Losing everything he survived his brush with death with a new companion at his side, a spectral paladin. With the coming calamity from the sky he must decide where his loyalties lie, and whether or not his new found allies are worth fighting for.

Tim plays Victor Irons, the former Catfolk Cybernetic Fighter, now Half-Elf Fighter/Warpriest. With everything he's ever known left behind, he's gotten his life's dream to return to his homeworld, only to see it on fire. He'll do whatever it takes to extinguish these flames before there's nothing left but ashes.


David plays Hanzo Hattori, the human Ninja. Right hand to an Emperor, he's always been willing to do whatever needed doing no matter the cost. In the blink of an eye his land has been brought to it's knees, and now he's being forced to put his willingness to do whatever it takes to the test.

Season One

Season one was our first foray into the storytelling business before we found our footing in this audio medium. While we are proud of it, it's direction and production style are unlike the other seasons.The remastering to enhance the audio quality, and remove the filler words and silences has been put on hold while Season 3 is being produced.

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