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Trailblazers is an audio drama, actual-play podcast. It's first recorded as normal roleplaying game play sessions, then put through post-production to create a unique blend of actual-play and audio drama.

Season Two

Season two has arrived, and with it a brand new cast! In Season one we encountered Emperors, Dragons, Liches, and much more! Season two changes from a world of exclusive fantasy, to a world that combines fantasy and sci-fi elements to deliver an adventure featuring conspiracies, a city forever shrouded in darkness, and a world of bio-engineered citizens!

Meet the Cast!

Caleb GMs the group, leading the new hopefuls on their grand adventure.

Christian plays Lanris, the Catfolk Ranger. With his life in tatters he picks up a job working security for a shipping company, but looks like this job is about to take an unexpected turn leading to what could be a life worth living.

Tim plays Victor, Catfolk Cybernetic Fighter. Guns? Check. Augmented weapon-wielding? Check. Good luck in life? Not so much. Victor's wife is his all, and now he finds himself in a situation where he could put her in danger, and he won't take that lying down!

Season One

Season one was our first foray into the storytelling business before we found our footing in this audio medium. While we are proud of it, it's direction and production style are unlike the other seasons. It is being remastered to enhance the audio quality, and remove the filler words and silences.

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