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Tideblazers is an audio drama, actual-play podcast. It's first recorded as normal roleplaying game play sessions, then put through post-production to create a unique blend of actual-play and audio drama.




Tideblazers is a mini-series taking place in the Sea of Thieves word, using the Sea of Thieves TTRPG system. Our pirates will find themselves smack dab in the middle of adventure as they seek to claim the reward money for figuring out what is behind the strange new phenomena that has begun to ravage the seas - the mysterious FLASH!

Meet the Cast!

Caleb GMs the group. Having a firm eight hours under his belt with the system, he plans on hitting the Sea of Thieves world with a story that will knock their socks off.


Logun plays Michael Vargas. Nobility, raised in high society in a large family of Dukes and Duchesses. Fascinated with the mythos and cryptozoology of Sea of Thieves he finally convinced Mum and Dad to pay for his way to sail there. While most of what he knows of pirates is from books read in a study he has a silver tongue for getting himself into or out of situations.


Taylor plays Billy Walters. He went to academy to get into the ranks of the Merchant Alliance, and was finally given his first mission to see a shipment of goods safely across the sea. The vessel was attacked and lost, but he was picked up from an island and happily joined the crew. Counting the couple they have run together, his resume now proudly boasts nearly three whole voyages complete.


Zach plays Godrick Bestian. A denizen of the SoT for a while, he was formerly a solo pirate of small renown. Unfortunately this brought him the ire of the Reapers, who tricked him into an unfair hourglass battle and stole his ship. He's now part of a crew of new folks in the hope to get his revenge on those scurvy dogs.

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