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Trailblazer Academy

Join professors Caleb, Christian, and Robert as they teach you all about both 1st and 2nd edition of the Pathfinder Tabletop Roleplaying Game. We talk about game mechanics, review books and classes, discuss GM and player techniques, and much more! From beginners to experts, everyone can attend this class for a great time.

Meet the Professors


A 30 year old married man, Caleb is the founder of the Trailblazer Network.

Caleb does his best to give well rounded advice from both a player's and GM's perspective making sure to maintain experience as both. Among his experience is GMing for the Trailblazer Network show Trailblazers.


27 years old, he picked up Pathfinder at his college's gaming club, and was one of the Head GM's for the club. Since being introduced to tabletop RPGs it has been his main hobby. Over the years he has been a GM and player in a plethora of campaigns both long and short, home-brewed and published.


Robert is 33 years old and forever lost in tabletop RPG's since being introduced to them over 20 years ago. He has played, GM'd, and even homebrewed a number of systems throughout the years, but Pathfinder will forever be his one true love.

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