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Trailblazer Academy

Join professors Caleb, Christian, and Robert as they teach you all about both 1st and 2nd edition of the Pathfinder Tabletop Roleplaying Game. We talk about game mechanics, review books and classes, discuss GM and player techniques, and much more! From beginners to experts, everyone can attend this class for a great time.

Meet the Professors


Caleb does his best to give well rounded advice from both a player's and GM's perspective making sure to maintain experience as both. Among his experience is GMing for the Trailblazer Network show Trailblazers, many homebrew campaigns both long and short as well as a variety of experimental ones.


He picked up Pathfinder at his college's gaming club, and was one of the Head GM's for the club. Since being introduced to tabletop RPGs it has been his main hobby. Over the years he has been a GM and player in a plethora of campaigns both long and short, home-brewed and published.


He has been forever lost in tabletop RPG's since being introduced to them over 20 years ago. He has played, GM'd, and even homebrewed a number of systems throughout the years, but Pathfinder will forever be his one true love.

Episode List


101 – Basic Mechanics [1E]

101 – Basic Mechanics [1E] (Extra Credit)

102 – Skills Detailed [1E]

102 – Skills Detailed (Extra Credit)

103 – Combat Detailed: Weapons [1E]

103 – Combat Detailed: Weapons [1E] (Extra Credit)

104 – Combat Detailed: Magic [1E]

104 – Combat Detailed: Magic [1E] (Extra Credit)

105 – Equipment [1E]

105 – Equipment [1E] (Extra Credit)

106 – Party Roles

107 – Character Creation [1E]

107 – Character Creation (Extra Credit)


101 – Basic Mechanics [2E]

102 – Skills Detailed [2E]

103 – Combat Detailed [2E]

104 – Magic Detailed [2E]

105 – Equipment [2E]

107 – Character Creation [2E]


201 – GMing Basics [1E]

201 – GMing Basics (Extra Credit)

202 – Player Types & Conflict

202 – Player Types & Conflict (Extra Credit)

203 – Character Death

204 – House Rules [1E]

205 – Making Good Encounters

205 – Making Good Encounters (Extra Credit)

206 – Rewarding your Players

207 – Romance

208 – Online vs IRL

208 – Online vs IRL (Extra Credit)

209 – Pre-mades vs Homebrew Campaigns

210 – GMing Philosophies

211 – Storytelling Tips


201 – GMing Basics [2E]

201 - GMing Basics [2E] (extra credit)


301 – Miniatures & Dice

302 – Roleplaying your Stats

304 – Inclusion

305 – Useful Magic Items and Gear [1E]

305 – Useful Magic Items and Gear [1E] (Extra Credit)

306 – Useful Feats & Traits

307 – Roleplaying your Alignment

308 – Horror

309 – Inspiration from Other Media

310 – Creating Good Villains

311 – How to Improvise

312 – GM Fiat

313 – Multiclassing

314 – Metagaming

315 – Society

316 – Play by Post

317 – NPC Builder [1E]

318 – Monster Builder [1E]

319 – Race Builder [1E]

320 – Comedy

321 – Player vs Character

322 – Mathfinder


401 – Alternate Leveling [1E]

402 – Automatic Bonus Progression [1E]

403 – Alternate Alignment [1E]

404 – Alternate Skills [1E]

405 – Traits & Drawbacks [1E]

406 – Variant Multiclassing [1E]

407 – Alternate Action Economy [1E]

408 – Alternate Martial Combat [1E]

409 – Alternate Magic Combat [1E]

410 – Alternate Magic Items [1E]

411 – Alternate Armor [1E]

412 – Simple Monster Creation [1E]

413 – Mass Combat [1E]

414 – Kingdom building rules [1E]

415 – Hero Points [1E]

RACE Overview [1E]

Core: Dwarf

Core: Elf

Core: Gnome

Core: Half Elf

Core: Half Orc

Core: Halfling

Core: Human

Featured: Aasimar

Featured: Catfolk

Featured: Dhampir

Featured: Drow

Featured: Fetchling

Featured: Goblin

Featured: Hobgoblin

Featured: Ifrit

Featured: Kobold

Featured: Orc

Featured: Oread

Featured: Ratfolk

Featured: Sylph

Featured: Tengu

Featured: Tiefling

Featured: Undine

Uncommon: Changeling

Uncommon: Duergar

Uncommon: Gillman

Uncommon: Grippli

Uncommon: Kitsune

Uncommon: Merfolk

Uncommon: Nagaji

Uncommon: Samsaran

Uncommon: Strix

Uncommon: Suli

Uncommon: Svirfneblin

Uncommon: Vanara

Uncommon: Vishkanya

Uncommon: Wayang

Uncommon (B4): Gathlain

Uncommon (B4): Kasatha

Uncommon (B4): Trox

Uncommon (B4): Wyrwood

Uncommon (B4): Wyvaran

Uncommon (B5): Android

Uncommon (B5): Astomoi

Uncommon (B5): Dark Folk (Caligni)

Uncommon (B5): Deep One Hybrid

Uncommon (B5): Ghoran

Uncommon (B5): Orang-Pendak

Uncommon (B5): Reptoid

Uncommon (B5): Shabti

Uncommon (B5): Skinwalker

Uncommon (B6): Monkey Goblin

Uncommon (B6): Munavri

Uncommon (B6): Naiad

Uncommon (B6): Rougarou

Uncommon (B6): Yaddithian

Uncommon (UW): Gathlain

Uncommon (UW): Ghoran

Uncommon (UW): Vine Leshy

Uncommon (PA): Aphorite

Uncommon (PA): Duskwalker

Uncommon (PA): Ganzi

Monsters as PCs

PC Race Wish Lis


Common: Dwarf

Common: Elf

Common: Gnome

Common: Goblin

Common: Halfling

Common: Human

Uncommon: Azarketi
Uncommon: Catfolk

Uncommon: Fetchling

Uncommon: Gnoll

Uncommon: Grippli

Uncommon: Hobgoblin

Uncommon: Kitsune

Uncommon: Kobold

Uncommon: Leshy

Uncommon: Lizardfolk

Uncommon: Orc

Uncommon: Ratfolk

Uncommon: Tengu

Rare: Anadi

Rare: Android

Rare: Conrasu

Rare: Fleshwarp

Rare: Goloma

Rare: Shisk

Rare: Shoony

Rare: Sprite

Rare: Strix


Core: Barbarian

Core: Bard

Core: Cleric
Core: Druid

Core: Fighter

Core: Monk

Core: Paladin

Core: Ranger

Core: Rogue

Core: Sorcerer

Core: Wizard

Base: Alchemist

Base: Cavalier

Base: Gunslinger

Base: Inquisitor

Base: Magus

Base: Oracle

Base: Summoner

Base: Witch

Alternate: Antipaladin

Alternate: Ninja

Alternate: Samurai

Hybrid: Arcanist

Hybrid: Bloodrager

Hybrid: Brawler

Hybrid: Hunter

Hybrid: Investigator

Hybrid: Shaman

Hybrid: Skald

Hybrid: Slayer

Hybrid: Swashbuckler

Hybrid: Warpriest

Unchained: Barbarian

Unchained: Monk

Unchained: Rogue

Unchained: Summoner

Occult: Kineticist

Occult: Medium

Occult: Mesmerist

Occult: Occultist

Occult: Psychic

Occult: Spiritualist

Occult: Spiritualist (Extra Credit)

Wilderness: Shifter

Wilderness: Shifter (Extra Credit)


Core: Alchemist

Core: Barbarian

Core: Bard

Core: Champion

Core: Cleric

Core: Druid

Core: Fighter

Core: Monk

Core: Ranger

Core: Rouge

Core: Sorcerer

Core: Wizard

Advanced: Investigator

Advanced: Oracle

Advanced: Swashbuckler

Advanced: Witch

Magic: Magus

Magic: Summoner

Guns: Gunslinger

Guns: Inventor


Core Rulebook

Bestiary 1

GameMastery Guide

Advanced Player’s Guide

Bestiary 2

Ultimate Magic

Ultimate Combat

Bestiary 3

Advanced Race Guide

Ultimate Equipment

NPC Codex

Ultimate Campaign

Mythic Adventures

Bestiary 4

Advanced Class Guide

Monster Codex

Strategy Guide


Occult Adventures

Bestiary 5

Ultimate Intrigue

Horror Adventures

Villain Codex

Bestiary 6

Adventurer’s Guide

Book of the Damned

Ultimate Wilderness


Core Rulebook

Bestiary 1

Gamemastery Guide

Bestiary 2

Advanced Player's Guide

Bestiary 3

Secrets of Magic

Guns & Gears

Book of the Dead

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