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Tales from the Lich

Tales from the Lich was an adult actual play comedy podcast.

It now lives on as the Trailblazer Network preserves their back catalog.

Meet the Cast!

Andrew is one of the founding members of the podcast, aspiring cultist, and idiot savant. He has been running campaigns for over 20 years now, and prefers the "flying by the seat of his pants" improvisation style storytelling rather than rules heavy pre-made campaigns. One day he hopes to witness a cosmic horror and become irreparably insane.

"I'm fine with whatever, but I want nothing to do with writing a bio!" - Brian

When the Lich Boys were facing total destruction, the mysterious force known only as Dan arrived to save them all. But what were his true motives? Was he friend or foe? Since then, he has played the part of the hardcore loner, the comic relief, and the wise voice of reason. Will we ever learn the mysterious circumstances that motivate Dan to show up and record once every six months with the gang? Only time will tell, be sure to tune in to the next thrilling installment of Tales From the Lich!

Danny is a former Hollywood action star, who lost everything to booze and women. All he has left is his red convertible and the sounds of the beach. He believes that the only worthwhile games are one where there are plenty of rules, and none of the players realize they are following them.

Occasionally an irate lawyer will drop by, drink our booze, and yell at us. Hey everyone, it's Patricia!

Paul likes his coffee black, his music quiet then loud, and his podcasts and audiobooks to be real tearjerkers.

Tom is a middling father of eight, still haunted by his role in a series of runaway train incidents throughout the 1990's. Having only his quick wit and three sharpened toes, he is confident that a carefree attitude will win the day!

Tales from the Lich frequently features players that have just dropped by to have a good time playing roleplaying games. Although everyone is welcome to play, not everyone considers themselves podcast members. These players are not required to participate in the bi-monthly bloodletting ritual, nor do they need to dedicate time to our ultra successful Amway marketing and product distribution franchise.

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