Trailblazer Network

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Year of the Remaster

Why We Are Remastering

I've learned a lot about audio editing technique over the years. I would like to employ those techniques to older episodes. This applies to most episodes released prior to 2018.

What Remastering Means

It means the audio will be better than ever! In short you can expect for background noises to be gone, our voices to be more pleasing to the ear, our audio to be at the same volume, silences to be cut down, and fillers to be removed.

Trailblazers Schedule

Remasters will be released weekly on Tuesdays.
  1. Season 2: Episodes 1-13
  2. Season 1

Pathfinder Academy Schedule

Remasters will be released weekly on Thursdays.
  1. 100 series
  2. 200 series
  3. 300 series: a select few
  4. Bookfair
  5. Class Overview: hybrid
  6. Race Overview
This is going to be an awesome opportunity to revisit old episodes as a community as we listen to a new remastered episodes each week!