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Sponsor an Episode of Pathfinder Academy

What do I get for sponsoring an episode?

You get to choose a topic for Caleb & Christian to do an episode on. It can be anything: third-party material, something you home-brewed yourself, a subsystem (ie. vehicle combat, performance combat, etc.), a player companion, an archetype, race, class, there’s practically no limit! You can even sponsor an episode we’re already going to do for us to do sooner.

When will the episode air?

There are usually two reserved slots a month for sponsored episodes. During the Year of the Remaster event sponsorship slots are a bit less frequent.

How much does it cost?

  • $20.00   - Race, Archetype
  • $50.00   - Class, Most Prestige Classes
  • $100.00 - Core Book, Player Companion, Numbered Series (ie. 300), Tales (novels), Most Subsystems

How do I sponsor an episode?

To sponsor an episode please email with subject line ‘episode sponsorship’ with what episode you would like to sponsor (be sure to include your full-name). Some Prestige Classes and Subsystems are small enough that the price is cheaper than listed. If your topic isn’t listed above we can negotiate a price.