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Pathfinder Academy

Join professors Caleb & Christian as they teach you all about the Pathfinder RPG. We talk about game mechanics, review classes, discuss GM and player techniques, and much more! From beginners to experts, everyone can attend this class for a great time.

Meet the Professors


A 29 year old married man, Caleb is the founder of the Trailblazer Network.

Caleb's experience comes in the form of being the GM for a long-running home-brew campaign which has accrued over 380 hours of gameplay, as well as over 200 hours of gameplay as the GM for the Trailblazer Network show Trailblazers.


27 years old, he picked up Pathfinder at his college's gaming club, and was one of the Head GM's for the club.

Since being introduced to tabletop RPGs it has been his main hobby. Over the years he has been a GM and player in a plethora of campaigns both long and short, home-brewed and published.


Here is our current recording/release plans:

Starting January 3rd 2019 we will be remastering old episodes weekly. We will release the occasional new episode during that time. After that it's back to our regular schedule:

  1. 300 Series (advanced topics)
  2. 400 Series (alternate rules)
  3. Class Overview Series

During the 300 & 400 series release the occasional Book Review and Class Overview.

During the Class Overview series release the occasional Book Review.

When the CO series is finished we should have all the books reviewed (given the vast amount of classes there are). All that should keep us busy for years. From there we haven't made solid plans except that we want to cover archetypes, and might consider starting to review the Player Companions and will continue to update series as content comes out for them (ie. more class overviews and race overview as new content is released, etc.).

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You can choose a topic for us to do an episode on! Go here for details.

Episode List

BOLD - Published

PLAIN - Upcoming

100 Series - Playing

Pathfinder 101 – Basic Mechanics
Pathfinder 101 – Basic Mechanics (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 102 – Skills Detailed

Pathfinder 102 – Skills Detailed (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 103 – Combat Detailed: Weapons

Pathfinder 103 – Combat Detailed: Weapons (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 104 – Combat Detailed: Magic

Pathfinder 104 – Combat Detailed: Magic (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 105 – Equipment

Pathfinder 105 – Equipment (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 106 – Party Roles

Pathfinder 107 – Character Creation

Pathfinder 107 – Character Creation (Extra Credit)

200 Series - GMing

Pathfinder 201 – GMing Basics

Pathfinder 201 – GMing Basics (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 202 – Player Types & Conflict

Pathfinder 202 – Player Types & Conflict (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 203 – Character Death

Pathfinder 204 – House Rules

Pathfinder 205 – Making Good Encounters
Pathfinder 205 – Making Good Encounters (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 206 – Rewarding your Players

Pathfinder 207 – Romance

Pathfinder 208 – Online vs IRL

Pathfinder 208 – Online vs IRL (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 209 – Pre-mades vs Homebrew Campaigns

Pathfinder 210 – GMing Philosophies

Pathfinder 211 – Storytelling Tips

300 Series - Advanced Topics (list hasn't been finalized)

Pathfinder 301 – Miniatures & Dice

Pathfinder 302 – Roleplaying your Stats

Pathfinder 303 – Sensitivity and Respect

Pathfinder 304 – Inclusion

Pathfinder 305 – Useful Magic Items and Gear

Pathfinder 305 – Useful Magic Items and Gear (Extra Credit)

Pathfinder 306 – Useful Feats and Traits

Pathfinder 307 – Roleplaying your Alignment

Pathfinder 308 – Horror

Pathfinder 309 – Inspiration from Other Media

Pathfinder 310 – Creating Good Villains

Pathfinder 311 – How to improvise

Pathfinder 312 – GM Fiat

Pathfinder 313 – Multiclassing

Pathfinder 314 – Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder 315 – Play by Post

Pathfinder 316 – NPC Builder

Pathfinder 317 – Monster Builder

Pathfinder 318 – Race Builder

400 Series - Alternate Rules
Pathfinder 401 – Alternate Leveling
Pathfinder 402 – Automatic Bonus Progression

Pathfinder 403 – Alternate Alignment

Pathfinder 404 – Alternate Skills

Pathfinder 405 – Traits & Drawbacks

Pathfinder 406 – Alternate Multiclassing

Pathfinder 407 – Alternate Action Economy

Pathfinder 408 – Alternate Martial Combat

Pathfinder 409 – Alternate Magic Combat

Pathfinder 410 – Alternate Magic Items

Pathfinder 411 – Alternate Armor

Pathfinder 412 – Mass Combat


Race Overview – Core: Dwarf

Race Overview – Core: Elf

Race Overview – Core: Gnome

Race Overview – Core: Half Orc

Race Overview – Core: Halfling

Race Overview – Core: Human

Race Overview – Featured: Aasimar

Race Overview – Featured: Catfolk

Race Overview – Featured: Dhampir

Race Overview – Featured: Drow

Race Overview – Featured: Fetchling

Race Overview – Featured: Goblin

Race Overview – Featured: Hobgoblin

Race Overview – Featured: Ifrit

Race Overview – Featured: Kobold

Race Overview – Featured: Orc

Race Overview – Featured: Oread

Race Overview – Featured: Ratfolk

Race Overview – Featured: Sylph

Race Overview – Featured: Tengu

Race Overview – Featured: Tiefling

Race Overview – Featured: Undine

Race Overview – Uncommon: Changeling

Race Overview – Uncommon: Duergar

Race Overview – Uncommon: Gillman

Race Overview – Uncommon: Grippli

Race Overview – Uncommon: Kitsune

Race Overview – Uncommon: Merfolk

Race Overview – Uncommon: Nagaji

Race Overview – Uncommon: Samsaran

Race Overview – Uncommon: Strix

Race Overview – Uncommon: Suli

Race Overview – Uncommon: Svirfneblin

Race Overview – Uncommon: Vanara

Race Overview – Uncommon: Vishkanya

Race Overview – Uncommon: Wayang

Race Overview – Uncommon (B4): Gathlain

Race Overview – Uncommon (B4): Kasatha

Race Overview – Uncommon (B4): Trox

Race Overview – Uncommon (B4): Wyrwood

Race Overview – Uncommon (B4): Wyvaran

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Android

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Astomoi

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Dark Folk (Caligni)

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Deep One Hybrid

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Ghoran

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Orang-Pendak

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Reptoid

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Shabti

Race Overview – Uncommon (B5): Skinwalker

Race Overview – Uncommon (B6): Monkey Goblin

Race Overview – Uncommon (B6): Munavri

Race Overview – Uncommon (B6): Naiad

Race Overview – Uncommon (B6): Rougarou

Race Overview – Uncommon (B6): Yaddithian

Race Overview – Monsters as PCs

Race Overview – PC Race Wish List

Race Overview – Uncommon (UW): Gathlain

Race Overview – Uncommon (UW): Ghoran
Race Overview – Uncommon (UW): Vine Leshy

Race Overview – Uncommon (PA): Aphorite

Race Overview – Uncommon (PA): Duskwalker

Race Overview – Uncommon (PA): Ganzi


Class Overview – Core: Barbarian

Class Overview – Core: Bard

Class Overview – Core: Cleric

Class Overview – Core: Druid

Class Overview – Core: Fighter

Class Overview – Core: Monk

Class Overview – Core: Paladin

Class Overview – Core: Ranger

Class Overview – Core: Rouge

Class Overview – Core: Sorcerer

Class Overview – Core: Wizard

Class Overview – Base: Alchemist

Class Overview – Base: Cavalier

Class Overview – Base: Gunslinger

Class Overview – Base: Inquisitor

Class Overview – Base: Magus

Class Overview – Base: Oracle

Class Overview – Base: Summoner

Class Overview – Base: Witch

Class Overview – Alternate: Antipaladin

Class Overview – Alternate: Ninja

Class Overview – Alternate: Samurai

Class Overview – Hybrid: Arcanist

Class Overview – Hybrid: Bloodrager

Class Overview – Hybrid: Brawler

Class Overview – Hybrid: Hunter

Class Overview – Hybrid: Investigator

Class Overview – Hybrid: Shaman

Class Overview – Hybrid: Skald

Class Overview – Hybrid: Slayer

Class Overview – Hybrid: Swashbuckler

Class Overview – Hybrid: Warpriest

Class Overview – Occult: Kineticist

Class Overview – Occult: Medium

Class Overview – Occult: Mesmerist

Class Overview – Occult: Occultist

Class Overview – Occult: Psychic

Class Overview – Occult: Spiritualist

Class Overview – Occult: Spiritualist (Extra Credit)

Class Overview – Unchained: Barbarian

Class Overview – Unchained: Monk

Class Overview – Unchained: Rogue

Class Overview – Unchained: Summoner

Class Overview – Wilderness: Shifter

Class Overview – Wilderness: Shifter (Extra Credit)

Class Overview – Prestige: Arcane Archer

Class Overview – Prestige: Arcane Trickster

Class Overview – Prestige: Assassin

Class Overview – Prestige: Battle Herald

Class Overview – Prestige: Dragon Disciple

Class Overview – Prestige: Duelist

Class Overview – Prestige: Eldritch Knight

Class Overview – Prestige: Holy Vindicator

Class Overview – Prestige: Horizon Walker

Class Overview – Prestige: Loremaster

Class Overview – Prestige: Master Chymist

Class Overview – Prestige: Master Spy

Class Overview – Prestige: Mystic Theurge

Class Overview – Prestige: Nature Warden

Class Overview – Prestige: Pathfinder Chronicler

Class Overview – Prestige: Rage Prophet

Class Overview – Prestige: Shadowdancer

Class Overview – Prestige: Stalwart Defender


Book Review - Core Rulebook
Book Review - Bestiary 1
Book Review - GameMastery Guide
Book Review - Advanced Player’s Guide
Book Review - Bestiary 2
Book Review - Ultimate Magic
Book Review - Ultimate Combat
Book Review - Bestiary 3
Book Review - Advanced Race Guide
Book Review - Ultimate Equipment
Book Review - NPC Codex
Book Review - Ultimate Campaign
Book Review - Mythic Adventures
Book Review - Bestiary 4
Book Review - Advanced Class Guide
Book Review - Monster Codex
Book Review - Strategy Guide
Book Review - Pathfinder Unchained
Book Review - Occult Adventures
Book Review - Bestiary 5
Book Review - Ultimate Intrigue
Book Review - Horror Adventures
Book Review - Villain Codex
Book Review - Bestiary 6
Book Review - Adventurer’s Guide
Book Review - Book of the Damned
Book Review - Ultimate Wilderness

Book Review - Ultimate Psionics (3P)