Trailblazer Network

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Donations made with the "Donate" button on the bottom of the page are made to a private PayPal account. PayPal takes a small percentage of your donation as a fee (at the time of writing around 2.9%).

In layman's Terms...

When you donate you are giving to me - Caleb Garofalo. I pay all the costs to run the podcast myself. That includes all of the server costs for the website and podcast feed, graphics design costs, and any other costs that might occur come out of my pocket. I receive no money at all from the podcast, the only money that has ever come in has been through donations. These donations help me to offset these costs, which over the years has grown to be significant.

Monetization Model

We currently have no monetization model. Most podcasts make money either through fund drives, advertisements, merchandise, or by selling tickets to live shows. We plan on beginning with an advertising model when we become big enough to attract advertisers. We do not intend on asking our listeners for money. All things change and we may one day change our monetization model and plans, but for now this is where we stand.