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What's special about the Trailblazer Network?

The Trailblazer Network has a diverse community. The Trailblazer Network is composed of several podcasts each with their own unique audience, which allows us to reach many people. Each podcast has it's own style and community, some are focused towards family listening, others adult, assuring a selection of choices when deciding who you want which product advertised to.

We are building a community around the Trailblazer Network. A community that loves our programs, talks to us on twitter and through e-mail. A community that's passionate about Tabletop RPGs and our shows based on them. Our audience is excited to support great ideas, products, and services -- particularly when those ideas, products, and services are supporting the shows, content, and community they love.

If you or your business chooses to advertise on our programs, you'll not only support the work we do, but you'll also reach our successful, discerning, educated, and awesome audience.

How does advertising work?

We are more than happy to work out with you and your company what method works best for you and your needs, including CPA and CPM.

Want to Advertise With Us?

Please email Caleb Garofalo at